The Abrogation

by Chaos Inception

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Check out the lyric video for Lunatic Necromancy:

Chaos Inception's sophomore album "The Abrogation" was released via Lavadome productions on June 5, 2012.

Chaos Inception is:

Chris White - vocals
Matt Barnes - guitar
Gary White - drums
Cam Pinkerton - bass

"The Abrogation is a relentless 30-minute aural assault that will most likely drain your soul before it's even over."
– Terrorizer

“The Abrogation is one of the best post-Morbid Angel styled death metal efforts I've heard from the US.”
– From the Dust Returned

"...for those that are a little disappointed with Nile‘s At the Gate of Sethu, (or a least its production)
and are still miffed about Morbid Angel‘s last debacle of an album, The Abrogation is for you."
– Teeth Of The Divine

I’ve got no problem with ultra-modern squeaky clean death metal and I enjoy some purposely retro bands. Chaos Inception rises above these two camps
and pushes the bounds of extremity without employing cliches and maintaining an inhuman level of energy along the way.
– Global Domination

"The Abrogation is essential for any extreme death metal fan and this could be the album that many were waiting for
from an American death metal band in recent times."
– Ave Noctum

"The Abrogation is a great, very dynamic and furious demonstration of heaviness, darkness and technical skill. Great album, great band."
– Voices from the Darkside

"The death metal these guys vomit all over you sounds like machinegun fire. Hyperspeed death metal in the vein of bands like
Krisiun, Angelcorpse and the like. Chaos Inception is a welcome addition for their songs are well written."
– Lords of Metal

“I was in complete shock listening to this album and it gets better with each listen. It is all in here for you.”
– Wicked Channel

"This is one of those albums that you may not get the first time around, but it’s one that grows on you immensely with each and every follow-up listen.
CHAOS INCEPTION have themselves on hell of an album in The Abrogation.
It’s brutal, bludgeoning, swirling, technical and just downright infectious."
– Mouth Of War

“One of the best DM albums of this year, period!”
– Thrashocore

"Für Extrem-Fetischisten ist "The Abrogation" eine Pflichtveranstaltung. Ein Genre-Jahreshighlight!"

"Este disco está tan lleno de rabia y de leads endemoniados que, a pesar de durar tan solo 30 minutos, te deja realmente paralizado.
Puro e implacable Death Metal. Si querés eso, no lo podés dejar pasar de largo. Es mas, compra obligada."
– Metal Daze

"Questo album è un massacro totale, una furia devastatrice. Dirompente, violento ma suonato con estrema fluidità."

Sem brincadeira, a banda só tem dois ‘full lengths’ contando este, mas merece já estar no topo do extremismo,
de igual para igual com grupos como Nile, Krisiun ou Hour of Penance. O álbum te deixa aturdido!
– SOM Extremo /


released June 5, 2012

Recorded at Stargate Studios, Huntsville, Alabama during fall/winter 2011.
Produced and mixed by Lance Wright.
Mastered by Brian Elliot at Mana Studios, January 2012.



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Chaos Inception Huntsville, Alabama

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